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A functional proteomics platform to reveal the sequence determinants of lysine methyltransferase substrate selectivity  Science Advances

Lysine methylation is a key regulator of histone protein function. Beyond histones, few connections have been made to the enzymes responsible for the ...

Do Proteins Hold the Key to the Past?  The New Yorker

Sam Knight on the new methods that are allowing a group of scientists to reëxamine the world's libraries and archives, in search of the hidden lives of authors.

Proteomics Market is Estimated to Grow at a Substantial CAGR of 11.50% by 2022: Radiant Insights, Inc.  PRNewswire

SAN FRANCISCO, December 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Proteomics Market is estimated to grow at a substantial CAGR of 11.50% during the period ...

Van Andel Functional Proteomics Platform Provides New Look at Lysine Methylation  GenomeWeb

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – A team led by researchers at the Van Andel Research Institute has developed a functional proteomics platform for identifying ...

Somalogic, DeCode Collaborating on Proteomic Project  GenomeWeb

The companies will use Somalogic's SomaScan proteomic platform to measure levels of as many as 5000 proteins in up to 40000 of DeCode's patient samples.

Cancer Drug Discovery Gets Boost from Novel Proteomics Platform  Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Scientists at the Van Andel Research Institute have developed a novel biochemical platform to research a family of enzymes that are promising targets for cancer ...

Nanopore Approach Shows Promise for Protein Detection  GenomeWeb

Syracuse University researchers have developed a nanopore-based technology that could enable detection of proteins in complex biological samples like ...

Creative Proteomics Announces a Substantial Discount and Promotion During Christmas&New Year - Press Release  Digital Journal

Creative Proteomics, the proteomics division of Creative Dynamics Inc, an integrated CRO company that provides a full range of drug development services, ...

Oral cancer prognostic signature identified  Medical Xpress

Researchers in Brazil have identified a correlation between oral cancer progression and the abundance of certain proteins present in tumor tissue and saliva.

Breast Cancer Risk May Rise After Childbirth, but Is Still Low  The New York Times

Women who recently gave birth may have an increased risk of breast cancer that lasts about 20 years. But for most, the overall risk is still small.

A Proteomics Dive into Cause of Frontotemporal Dementia  Alzforum

If DNA makes RNA makes protein, then genomic variants make RNA make protein … make disease. While scientists have found polymorphisms that associate ...

Cellular gene signatures for heart muscle regeneration  Science Daily

A research team has used a transcriptomic approach -- studying what genes are expressed -- to identify gene signatures of cell subpopulations identified as ...

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SageHLS HMW Library System | Sage Science
Extract up to 2MB DNA directly from cells. The SageHLS system provides a new approach to DNA extraction. Users load cells suspensions on Sage Science gel cassettes to perform lysis under electrophoretic conditions.

BluePippin Support | Sage Science
Create an account to enter a support case. If you already have an account, use the Login link in the top navigation.

Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis - Wikipedia
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, abbreviated as 2-DE or 2-D electrophoresis, is a form of gel electrophoresis commonly used to analyze proteins. Mixtures of proteins are separated by two properties in two dimensions on 2D gels. 2-DE was first independently introduced by O'Farrell and Klose in 1975.

Professor Stuart Cordwell - The University of Sydney
Our group is primarily interested in utilizing the tools of proteomics to understand disease processes and discover new targets for protein-based diagnosis of disease and potential vaccine and therapeutic targets.

Electroforesis en gel - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Cuando se ha completado la electroforesis, las moléculas más pequeñas han llegado al ánodo. Entonces se pueden 'revelar' mediante la adición de un colorante específico para hacerlas visibles.

의료진 < 세브란스병원 -
논문. A case of brain metastasis from advanced ovarian cancer. Korean J Gynecol Oncol Colposc. 2001;12(3):268-74. A case of a Mullerian duct remnant leiomyomas suspected of ovarian tumor in a woman with Mullerian dysgenesis.

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